Frankly speaking

Kegerator.comThere’s a bit of news here at the old site. We’d like to welcome as our new sponsor and I can’t see how that could be more appropriate. The new ad is in the right sidebar under the Facebook blurb. If you are a homebrewer and want to convert and fridge or chest freezer into a beer dispensing structure, these are the folks to visit. All the hardware you’ll need is there. They even have homebrew equipment such as beer kits, fermenters, kettles and gauges. I’ve personally ordered parts for my rig from Kegerator in the past, and they provide fast shipping with reasonable prices. I urge you to click on the graphic any time you need parts or equipment. Check ‘em out.

We’ve once again donated a small cash amount to the National Breast Cancer Foundation last month. Their banner has been replaced in the sidebar. If it weren’t for boobies, half of the site’s content would be gone. We’d like to keep our ladies’ jubblies around for a long time.

WordPress was recently updated to v.3.7.1, which was a maintenance fix but it broke some graphic uploads to an extent on our end. If I were to upload 15 images, sometimes 4 of them would return an HTTP error. So far, I have been able to make it work, and I’m checking the WP forums for a fix. Apparently it looks like it’s been a repetitive issue ever since v.2.somethin’. Regardless, things are still working and the site’s firing on all cylinders.

I’ve found a new gallery plugin for 2014 and I’d like to test it out in the lab before going live with it next year. Right now it’s in limbo. I’m also mulling over whether I need it at all. I could create a page for each Babe category for 2014 and caption the images for identification. There would then be 52 images nicely sized right down the center of the page. Maybe I’ll do that instead.

In that menu bar at the top, between the two header graphics, the Brew Reviews selection now goes to the category instead of the tables which was a pain in the ass to update. I don’t think anyone looked at the tables anyway.

In the Hall of Frequently Forgotten Ideas, I still have the test site where I’m stuck in the CSS code trying to widen the site theme to make the videos bigger. Yeah, it’s still on a back burner, way back there, still simmering.

There are over 9,700 posts on the site and from those, over 17,000 spam comments have been deleted. Over 2,200 legit comments have been preserved. Since I’ve limited comments on posts to 7 days, the amount of spam has dropped significantly. Ya know, if you the time and perhaps want a little more SixPackTech in your life visit the Archives and select a month. You just may get lost. Or even younger.

The changeover from DST to standard time is always a letdown for everybody. In spite of the extra hour of sleep, the fact that it gets dark so freakin’ early has an effect on everyone’s outlook on life. But we tend to get used to it in less than a week but many people will be in a funk for a quite a while.

I’m trying to decide what style of beer to brew next. It’ll be an extract beer in the kitchen rather than BIAB in the garage due to the cold weather. I’d also like to give myself a refresher course on this nice basic technique at the same time. Maybe a nice brown ale from scratch or modify a kit beer to jump through hoops. Let’s see how it goes.

Once again, and you hear it every Frankly, thanks a lot for stopping by. I really mean it.

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