Humpday Honeys – Body Paint

BP01It’s odd how a female can be completely nude and yet, when painted, often appears to have some sort of clothing covering her naughty bits. Sports Illustrated has capitalized on this fact for a few years.

Today we continue with the new theme and present some unclothed Honeys sporting painted apparel of one form or another.

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body paint-01

body paint-02

body paint-03

body paint-04

body paint-05

body paint-06

body paint-07

body paint-08

body paint-09

body paint-10

body paint-11

body paint-12

body paint-13

body paint-14

body paint-15

body paint-16

body paint-17

body paint-18

body paint-19

body paint-20

body paint-21

body paint-22

body paint-23

body paint-24

body paint-25

Justine Joli_ Poison Ivy

body paint-27

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