It’s Sunday. The weather is slowly changing here in the midwest but Colorado and its neighbors are getting pounded with a blizzard. Ain’t nuthin’ we can do about it. Wherever you are sit back and relax in your shelter, watch your game of choice and think about all those poor bastards in South Dakota. But don’t think too long. That crap is headed our way in the future. For other folks looking for less thinking and more entertainment, we have the Slinks below, all in a line down the center of the page.

Nice Cars

Elemental Iceland [2:41]

How rope is braided [4:11]

All about Sir Killalot [9:44]

Timeline of the BP Gulf oil disaster [4:23]

Bitcoins in the news [8:15]

The Leidenfrost Maze [3:04]

Making a crosswalk [2:56]

Wonder Woman – a short film [2:36]

How does a gas nozzle know when to shut off? [2:44]

The rocking chair [5:29]

BMW concept car skinned in fabric [2:03]

Reflections [5:19]
Fractal imagery [3:11]
Final Flight of the Osiris [5:47]

Chico Marx at the piano [1:34]
Giraffe by Ben Lapps [3:15]
J’en Ai Marre [4:17] – Alizee – Myley Cyrus could take a lesson from her

Laser and campfire [0:50]
Where is the ball? [0:32]
Nobody in Russia can park [0:46]


Best craft beers in the world? – “continue to site” upper right
Spreadable beer from Italy [1:14]
Have a beer with Captain Luke [1:36] – try to follow along

Ultimate luck compilation [5:12]

See-thru Porsche 918 Spyder ad [3:32]

Trucking – long and large loads [16:15]

You don’t know Bo [1:19:57] (!)

Full contact medieval combat [[5:13]

Muhammad Ali’s amazing speed [4:42]

Great MLB plays [15:28]

Carroll Shelby: King of the Road [3:34]

XFL Championship game 2001 [6:52]

Love Me Tender – Agent Provocateur [3:32]

Foghat – Drivin’ Wheel [6:37]

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