Frankly speaking

All is well with the site. Things are going as well as can be expected, given present conditions. WordPress is functioning as normally as they let it and posts are going out at their scheduled times, and try as I might, I can’t get rid of Google’s embedded ads in the videos.

There has been a nice approval of the Wednesday Humpday Honeys for this month. I had originally intended to run it just as a change from the ordinary lingerie babes to something more subjective. Thus far we’ve had see-throughs, tight dresses, cleavage and peanut smugglers. I’m thinking that was shown is more in line with what you’d like to see based on the comments. Therefore, I will continue this trend and try to come up with some other new ideas to help us over the midweek hump every week.

I’m thinking of featuring more videos which run over the 4-minute mark during the week. As you have probably learned, in the past I’ve labeled the times that run over 4 minutes. How about 5 minutes. Hell, the Auto Monday feature often runs way long some times and no one has complained so far. I just may feature an hour-long video in the Slinks one week. Let’s see how that goes.

The 2nd batch of Spook Powder homebrew was transferred to secondary with another 2 ounces of Citra hops added. And just like the last batch, the gravity reading was about 1.023, in spite of the extra pound of 2-row in the recipe. I’m not worried, though. The aroma during the racking was enough to set me at ease. With a little more aeration at the transfer, the next 10 days should do the trick.

My son, Top Jimmy, brewed up his first batch of homebrew, a pumpkin ale. It’s an American extract kit beer recipe which he purchased from Chicago Brew Werks homebrew store in Plainfield and was brewed in Mom’s kitchen. I offered advice during the brewing process while Mom popped in periodically to check on conditions in her workshop.

The owner of the homebrew shop gave advice on how to flavor the kit to make a pumpkin ale. It involved cutting, baking and seasoning pumpkin pie pumpkin innards with nutmeg and cinnamon. The beer was brewed with an OG of 1.055 and a taste from the test flask told me that it would be right up there with the commercial brews that are sitting on the shelves right now. He’s planning on bringing the keg of pumpkin ale to his friend’s wedding next month. Because we don’t drink PBR and any of that other shit.

We trudge along with October staring us in the face. Cold weather is coming, sure. But we have to give time to the Aussies. It’s their turn. They’re having spring, soon to go into summer. If I had the money and stamina to withstand a 14-hour plane ride, I’d pop over for visit. And attend a rugby game. And try to box a kangaroo. Nah. I’d probably just drink their beer and chat up a few locals.

Thanks for stopping by.

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