It’s Sunday. This is our day to relax and recover from earlier life episodes, good or bad.¬† Regardless of what it’s doing outside, it’s still summer. See what you can do to make the most of the day. We’ll be inside with all of today’s Slinks, nicely lined up down the middle of the page.

Daily Life – July 2013 – The Big Picture

The Evolution of Gaming Consoles: From 1967 to 2013 – infographic

Twelve Months in Two Minutes; Curiosity’s First Year on Mars [2:14]

Uniquely creative ads – Dark Roasted Blend

Fermi satellite’s close call with a Soviet satellite [4:20]

Lawn chair 2 [9:35]

How remolded tires are made [4:40]

Privacy is over [7:27]

Steven Wright standup [9:55]

How to make homemade bacon [9:14]

Loom [5:20]
A Danse Macabre [6:12]
The Gift That Keeps On Giving [2:43]

Star Trek opening theme on sax [1:31]
When the Levee Breaks cover [7:06] – Zepparella – the drummer
Vivaldi Tribute [2:34] – 14-year-old Tina

The Godfather Horn [0:16]
A lazy ride down a quiet river [0:58]
Not an ass [0:18]


How to interpret hops in beer [5:39] – Heavy Seas Brewery Maryland
Cascade Hops, Craft Brewing and Oregon State University [2:35]
Please leave a message [0:46]

Jetman Yves Rossy’s latest flights
With a B17 bomber [0:57]
Over Wisconsin [4:47]

15 sorting algorithms in 6 minutes [5:50]

Warship vs Big Waves [3:00]

1948 Tucker [2:58] – Jay Leno’s Garage

PostHuman [5:47] – SciFi short

Hatchet [5:57]

Greatest game of HORSE [6:29]

RUNAWAY [5:10] РSciFi  short

Reunion with the Rikers [9:43]

Top-secret super-secure Los Alamos vault declassified [2:44]

Airplane jump [2:48]

Foreigner – Hot Blooded [6:04] – Lou Gramm

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2 Responses to Slinks

  1. fretwalker says:

    Frank, thanks for the vid from Heavy Seas Brewery. I instantly subscribed to the channel, which will no doubt consume several hours!

    I don’t recall you ever reviewing (or not reviewing, just blogging, but still calling it a Blue Collar Brew Review anyway…) a Heavy Seas brew.

    I don’t think it’s distributed in IL, so the next time you’re in Hoosierland, grab a sixer of Loose Cannon, or a bomber of the Big Dipa. You’ll like it, I promise! (And if you happen to spot a bomber or two of the bourbon-barrel-aged barleywine, you’ll really get lucky!)

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ll be looking for those beers next trek to Indiana.

    During your viewing hours of the Heavy Seas channel, don’t forget to stop by here for a little while.

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