Frankly speaking

The issues with the slowness of the site have somewhat been attended to but it’s not back to the speed it once had before the hosting service switched us over to new servers. As I’ve pointed out in the Info square in the left sidebar, we’ll give it a few more days to see how it goes. What I fail to grasp is that the site loads from browsers somewhat quickly, but navigating between WordPress screens while posting is still much slower than it was. Patience, Grasshopper. Send another email.

I’m trying something different with the Weekly Babe ratings. You’ll notice actual images of stars (genuine yellow stars flown in from Pakiguay, Marihampshire.) I said I’d do this a while back and I think I’ve got it to work. The only worry I have is how it will look and if it will fit, and then what will you readers think of it. Maybe the images are too big, maybe not. Hey, if it doesn’t work or screws up the sidebar, it’ll only take a few minutes to put it back the way it was. Let me know what you think.

I like using the Info blurb in the sidebar. That gives new information to you if there’s something amiss on the site. It could be used for other purposes as well. Such as if I’d fallen and can’t get back up. The Info blurb will appear and disappear as the situations warrant. I was thinking of putting up a blurb that just said “None.”

My previous mention of getting the site to look wider has been stalled for a few weeks. I have to find some gumption to dive back into the challenge for another couple of hours or more. It could be a long haul due to my minimal knowledge of CSS and PHP.

Illinois weather has been nuts over the last two weeks. We went from a few weeks of middle 90s down to the high 60s. It has to be caused by the Chinese and their microwaves or the North Koreans experimenting with sodium or some shit.

The homebrew is in the secondary fermenter after adding the last 2 ounces of hops for dry hopping. I was disappointed with the final gravity. It calculated out to a mere 5.25%. But with agitation during the transfer to secondary, the yeast may wake up and eat some more. But, just like with the hop spider, I think I’m done with brew-in-a-bag. Time to go all-grain like the rest of the homebrewing universe. And yes, I’ll do a review of my own damn beer. Hell, there’s 10 ounces of hops in this batch. Maybe my tongue will explode.

Thanks for visiting. I still love doing this shit.

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2 Responses to Frankly speaking

  1. fretwalker says:

    Illinois weather has been nuts over the last two weeks…. You’re sayin’ IL weather is sane, otherwise?

    The stars seem to be working as intended, assuming you intended them to be working as they are working. I’ll STFU now, I’ve had enough Two Hearted!

  2. fcgrabo says:

    I hope the rain keeps up so it doesn’t come down.

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