Ah, Sunday. It seems that the heat wave has passed. We can now freely move about the outdoors and mingle with the gnats, flies and mosquitoes. Jeeze, can’t we all just get along? NEVER!! If you come back inside at any time, we’re here waiting for you to take a spin around the Slinks. No need for DEET. Relax.

(Note: The YouTube preroll ads have become excessive of late. I cannot apologize for them. They will have to do that. It may be due to their share drop on Wall Street.)

San Fermin festival 2013: Running of the Bulls – The Big Picture
More on the festival
Running with the bulls [4:14]
A quick look at a bull entering the ring [0:31]

How each MLB team got its name

How the Tesla Model S is made [4:55]

Fly through a canyon on Mars – video

Horse-drawn hay baler [10:05]

Post-apocalyptic shelters [3:45]

Antonov 225 take-off from Manchester Airport [3:55]

Where the trail ends [5:51] – BMX bikes

DIY checkvalve [4:29]

Steam-powered box factory [14:26]

Stop motion Batman [6:17]
A Walk in the Woods [2:08]
Paperclips can be dangerous [2:04]

Bohemian Rhapsody for solo guitar [5:53]
Adam Fulara – JS Bach’s Invention No. 13 in A Minor [1:04]
Super Mario Brothers rag [2:09]

Pure Michigan: Lake St. Clair [0:54]
Objects of constant diameter [0:54]
Home run robbery – 1992 [0:35]

Quick Faves
What are you thinking about? [0:40]
Hammer skill [0:53]
Porky Pig [0:10]


Zen & The Art of Craft Beer [19:52] – Chad Henderson – TED talk
3 tips on Basic Beer Imbibing
Lionel Richie and the Tap King [1:08]

Greg Inglish – Australian Rugby [5:47]

Wolverine claws – Man at Arms [4:34]

Mid-Engine Crown Corvair [11:17]

The Flying Man [9:21] – short film

Nice rally run [2:37]

Wingsuit with jets [5:21]

Rowan Atkinson is Doctor Who [19:48]

Euphemisms [9:01] – George Carlin

20s vs. 30s [2:30]

JBS Underpants [1:33]

Whitesnake – Judgement Day [5:30]

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