It’s Sunday. The final day of relaxation and mental unwinding. Make every minute count. Before you know it, we’ll be salting our driveways and cursing out our snowblowers for not starting. On the lighter side, there won’t be any flies or mosquitoes.

A tribute to the Saturn V rocket [1:45]

The Day of the Kudzu

The European Union explained [5:51]

The Sukhoi Su-35 at the Paris Air Show 2013 [3:08]

How a used glass bottle becomes a new bottle [3:09]

Potato bazooka – Slingshot Channel [4:45]

The Solar System’s tail [2:34]

1909 Gnome rotary aircraft engine [6:16] – shaky home movie

Ubuntu OS for phone [3:36]

Gymnastics – Uneven Bars Banned Skills [1:22]

Nice Cars

Stabbed [2:08]
Kerbal Space Jam [1:44]
The History of Nikola Tesla – a Short Story [2:58]

Michael Winslow- Whole Lotta Love [2:12]
Sixteen Tons – Red Army Choir [3:10]
2 pianos, 16 hands [4:01]

Art optical illusion [0:25]
F1 blows off hat [0:18]
The Cleaner Wiener [0:31]


Boston Beer Company’s Jim Koch
Beer Dictionary and Glossary of Terms
Hops Earrings

Mansour Bahrami – Tennis’ Greatest Entertainer [8:06]

Human powered helicopter [1:45]

The Walking (And Talking) Dead – Bad Lip Reading [5:36]

Hotchkiss Universal Submachine Gun [6:49]

“Monster” Tajima’s 2013 Pikes Peak Practice Run [3:18] – all electric

Muscle Cars – Modern Marvels [42:49] – bookmark to watch later

Classic CHP carsĀ  [18:10]- Jay Leno’s Garage

Relocating in Japan [3:59]

2013 Toyota RAV4 small overlap IIHS crash test [0:49]

The Escalator [2:58]

ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man [4:15] – MTV style

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