It’s Sunday. The last day of rest before the Monday grind. The next holiday is a stretch away. We have warm weather so we have that going for us. Something else we have going for us are the Slinks, nicely lined up below.

Nice Pics

Japanese 24″ fireworks mortars [7:10]

You are a terrorist [1:59] – German with English subtitles. Published in ’09.

How Internet censorship works [7:09]

Inside Disneyland’s Club 33

Turbos and superchargers explained [4:24]

Welcome to the 2030s [8:14]

Mars – our red neighbor [5:18]

Left lane vs. right lane driving [2:31]

Adrift [4:35] – clouds flow like water

Orcish Battle Axe from Skyrim [5:43] – Man at Arms

Stranded [2:24]
More Than Just a Hobby [1:06]
The movie disappeared [2:26] – Pixar

The Charleston [2:54] – 4 handed piano – with the neckbeard guy, Tom Brier
Jonny’s Tune [2:13] – Sleepy Man Banjo Boys
Jimmy Fallon and the Ragtime Gals [2:20]

Driver climbs insane cliff [0:21]
Self-siphoning beads [0:36]
Vodka commercial [0:41]


Beer taxes in your state
In defense of all craft beer
James Madison’s Secretary of Beer Appointment

The Futura RC jet [5:12]

The crashes that have chaged NASCAR [8:46]

Robot destruction [7:17]

A brief history of the demise of the Battle Bots – videos

A One and a Two [2:21]

Formula Off Road Swamp Buggies Mud Bogging [3:04]

DARPA robots [5:05]

The difference between a buttload, boatload and shitload

Bruce Lee demonstrates Kung Fu [1:55]

Pole dancer hardcore gym workout [4:19]

Allison Brie and friend [1:43]

Van Halen – Summer Nights [5:43] – Sammy Hagar

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