A reader mailed me about a new type of animated gif, one that can be made with sound. This new format is called a coub (coob.)

Here’s what I’ve learned about them so far:

The original Coub intro video (in the link below) was uploaded in September of ’12 meaning that coubs have been around for about nine months. It took a reader’s email to bring my attention to the subject. Thanks, Stas.

Each one has an embeddable iframe code just like YT’s with start and stop buttons, unlike gifs that are autoplay and repeating all the time.

There are quite a few sources of coubs, many of them of Russian origin. (?)

They’re floating around out there waiting to go viral I guess.

From a nuts & bolts site perspective, they’d be no different than embedding a video code.

Here’s the originating website. You have to join their “club” in order to make coubs.

The Huffington Post had an article about them recently. In the HuffPo article, the author says that he’s sick of animated gifs. Ironic. Coubs in fact are animated gifs, only with sound. If anything, they could be more annoying than gifs are and might render the author comatose.

Frankly (pfft!) I’m not going to jump on this bandwagon right away, but if I run across some good ones, I’ll stick ’em in with the Jiff posts (if I can remember what day they go up.) But, as far as I’m concerned, coubs are still waiting to catch on.

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