Humpday Honey – Katerina Skourli

Katerina01Katerina Skourli is a young Greek model who is catching the attention of the most popular magazines. She was recently approached by Hugh Hefner and we await to see what she has decided.

A beauteous brunette with a nice smile, Katerina is this week’s Honey and her image set is next. Opah!

Click to view full.

Katerina Skourli-02

Katerina Skourli-01

Katerina Skourli-03

Katerina Skourli-04

Katerina Skourli-05

Katerina Skourli-07

Katerina Skourli-08

Katerina Skourli-09

Katerina Skourli-10

Katerina Skourli-11

Katerina Skourli-12

Katerina Skourli-13

Katerina Skourli-14

Katerina Skourli-15

Katerina Skourli-16

Katerina Skourli-21

Katerina Skourli-17

Katerina Skourli-18

Katerina Skourli-19

Katerina Skourli-20

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