It’s Sunday. Happy Father’s Day. Today is our day. Family will fawn all over us for this one day a year and we should soak up every minute of it because the other 364 days we are “just there.” See if the bottle shop will accept that new tie for 10% off your purchase. Save some of your time for Slinks time. They start just below.

Nice Pics

Climate change 101 – Bill Nye [4:34]

Vincent Price explains Cricket [2:16]

Suits: Know your size [4:54]

Network [2:58]

The terrifying future of the United States [11:58]

Virtusphere 3D game interface [5:01]

Boeing B-17 RC plane flight [6:00]

Robot Sumo [6:33]

NASA warp drive project [7:43]

I did it – C&H [0:35]
Procrastination [1:19]
Fortress – Russian [2:45]
Honk [0:58]

Amateur [3:14]
Enter Sandman – Iron Horse [4:23]
What about Curling? – SportsCenter [1:00]
RC car cattle roundup [2:39]
Kevin Keith plays the Chapman Stick [1:44]
Radetzky March – Herbert Von Karajan conducts orchestra and audience [6:08]

Accidental reserve parachute deployment [0:40]
Motorcycle save [0:17]
Dubstep imitation [0:42]
Carwash animation [0:43]
Beer cans getting seamed [0:25]
Andre Agassi – 1996 – trick shot [0:34]


The Beck’s Edison Bottle [4:09]
Beer & Biodiversity – animation [2:34]
Old Frothingslosh

THE ROAD WARRIORS  Irish Road Racing and Southern 100, Isle of Man [8:01]

In memory of Bruce Lee – Bruce Lee vs. Bruce Lee [5:27]

Gunplay: A tribute to gunfights in film [3:42]

Animatronic Goro from Mortal Kombat [3:08]

Excavator demonstration with babe – Italian [4:24]

Mike Tyson career highlights [8:49]

The Coffinmaker [3:40]

Pipe ramming [9:51]

Leaf-Blower Supercharging a 1978 Chevrolet Monza Spyder [23:25]

UNCUT with Pam Anderson [1:30]

Dire Straits – Walk of Life [4:15]

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