Frankly speaking

Man, oh man. The star ratings fiasco was just that, a fiasco. The Polldaddy guys were knowledgable about their stuff, but didn’t ask once to look at the code on the site and couldn’t steer me in any direction. Another problem with the whole situation was that their email replies were very early in the a.m., clueing me that they are on the other side of the globe. With each email sent, I’d have to wait until the next day to get a reply.

The entire time, I searched for alternative, non-javascript plugins for WordPress. There are many star rating plugins out there and I downloaded every one to take them for a spin. None of them did what I needed them to do. I was faced with two other alternatives: build my own based on CSS and PHP (of which I know very little) using instructions found on the Web, or somehow use some plugin we already had.

One plugin that we had (and has worked flawlessly for the Nat or Nots), WP-Polls, seemed just about suited for the task. If I were to create a poll with star ratings and word the choices accordingly, they just might fill the bill and fill up the left sidebar. I started that just yesterday. It’s somewhat rudimentary and it may look a little odd at first. Certainly not pretty. It may take up more room, but once they become part of everyday life on the site, everyone will hopefully settle in. I think it’ll work. Gotta put some time on the graphic later. If it takes up too much room over there, I’ll do something with the categories which I find very useful.

The numbers should show the same results as the Polldaddy ones did except for the star images. The plugin does allow for images to be inserted, but it would be a bit more work that I’d gradually like to do over the coming week or so.

I’ve set up some text macros and each week, I’ll generate a new poll/rating for the 5 Babes just like I do with the Nat or Not Babe vote. The front end work is done. The implementation is the test. The Nat or Not voting system has been working since its implementation and I can see no reason why it shouldn’t work with star ratings for the other babes. Let’s give it a week or two and see how it goes. I agree that it completes the Weekly Babes on your end and my end.

There was a new arrival to the Manly Garage earlier this week in the form of a used refrigerator to replace the one that shit itself. The old (used) Mom refrigerator crapped out last fall and the only other refrigeration units available out there were the Beer Fridge and the Keezer. Both of them served valiantly through those difficult times and no foodstuffs were lost. With the arrival of the new/old fridge, both beer coolers are free to store more beer. Now I need the money.

First point of order is to get the mass-homebrewed and barrel aged stout into the keezer and carbonated. Sometime next week we will have stout on tap and we may be may be speaking Russian and leaving ugly black stains at the bottom of the toilet the following morning.

The next week would also be the perfect time to brew up that Zombie Dust clone recipe that I have all the ingredients for. The equipment is ready. All I have to do is get it cleaned, sanitized and set up. Get the water up to mash temp and begin. I’ll take pictures. It was mentioned that my name for the potion, Spook Powder, a parody on Zombie Dust, may be offensive. Offensive to whom? Wait. Don’t answer that. Maybe I’ll call it Ghost Powder. Or not. I’ll decide after a few draft stouts.

Lotta plans for this weekend, site-wise. Things may go wrong. But I really don’t think so. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Relax. Have a homebrew.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for hangin’ in there. Your comments on the new rating system would be appreciated.

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5 Responses to Frankly speaking

  1. Terry says:

    I like the revised star ratings. You can see how far off your picks are from the rest of the castaways.

    Enjoying your site Frank!

  2. fcgrabo says:

    I like the way they turned out, however spartan they may look. I’ll have to rethink the graphics aspect.

  3. fretwalker says:

    I agree with Terry, might be a tad clunky-looking, but it works. The only problem I have is the same thing that’s always bugged me about the Vintage Babe… I remember when these models first appeared in Playboy, and can pretty much tell you where I was at the time. Making me feel, ummm, “vintage” Find some models that are older than me, will ya?

  4. fcgrabo says:

    Any model older than you (or me) would most probably be in black and white from the 40s or 50s. Don’t really want to get into the early 1900s models, but perhaps I should, maybe gradually.

  5. Bols says:

    How about Ghoul Grit? Angel Ashes? Zombie Dust Bunnies? Feather Duster? Lazarus Lint?

    You could run a name that beer contest! Winner gets a couple bombers.

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