Frankly speaking

Allow me give you a few tips on how to make your visit a little more pleasurable when you visit the Slinks on Sunday. Many of the links to videos shown are from YouTube. Google makes its money from ads and they are rife in the videos on YT. I can’t do anything about that. They have some very smart people there who make ads happen in videos. Here’s what I do to try to lessen the pain of sitting through all the ads.

Many YT videos will offer the option of skipping the ad in 5 seconds. What I do is mute the audio for the 5 second duration, click on the Skip Ad prompt in the lower right when it shows, and then unmute. I don’t like it but it’s somewhat tolerable.

If an ad displays as being 15 seconds long with no option to skip, I’ll refresh the page and start again. Most times, you’ll get back to the same video with the 5 second skip option. Seems their ad injection is random sometimes.

If an ad displays as a 30 second preroll, I’ll refresh the screen three times. If my option doesn’t change, I’ll skip the video entirely. I hope that what’s presented in the Slinks conform to the advice just given. Ironically, if the video’s code is embedded like all the videos during the week, there are no preroll ads, just the embedded ones denoted by the yellow bar in the time progress at the bottom.
Something is amiss or afoot with the Weekly Babe ratings. After posting the new babes’ code this evening, the Poll Daddy rating feature which is used here, quit working. This happens in Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers. It appears that the javascript which PD used this week, doesn’t work.

It may be a WordPress issue but I doubt it. It may be a javascript issue, but I don’t think so. Over the last few weeks, Poll Daddy has updated it’s site and changed its dashboard numerous times. That last change was just this last week. It may be them.

I just finished a Brew Review and I’m not in a frame of mind to cruise the Net for answers or to dive into the code or leave a message for PD’s tech support. I hope you understand and I’m sure that the 28 to 35 readers who actually rate the babes won’t mind skipping the week.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for an alternative to Poll Daddy through WP plugins, but none conform to our needs. They are pretty much won’t work in the sidebar or are overly embellished and complicated. Poll Daddy served that need until tonight.

Hell, it may even be my Mac or my Internet connection that’s preventing me seeing the star ratings. The code remains in place on the site and may switch itself on tomorrow. Who knows.

I’ll invest some time again into finding a new star rating system that works with WordPress. If it’s the complicated one (GD Star Rating) then I’ll spend time to learn it. I can test it on a subdomain. Perhaps if I could eliminate the javascript part, more readers will participate knowing that the questionable service is not involved.

Or… I can put up a vote and see if the readers want a star rating system at all. You can start by voicing your opinion right now by leaving a comment with your thoughts. Personally, the star ratings through PD are a pain in the ass. Ever since they changed to a login things started getting rocky. And I never did like the javascript thing, especially after Apple and so many other manufacturers dissed them for vulnerabilities in their code. It’s ironic that so many other very popular sites use the PD service. Hell, we went about 3 and half years without star ratings before they started.

I apologize for not having star ratings this week and I’d appreciate you voicing your own opinion in the comments. If I learn anything, I’ll post it when I do.

Thanks for sticking with SixPackTech. I still love doing this shit. I hate when somebody else’s shit doesn’t work here.


The Weekly Babes’ star ratings have been restored including the return of stars for the Pinup. We’re still with Poll Daddy but using their WP plugin instead of javascript. Sorry for the delay.

Update 2:

Aaaaand, they’re down. Not working. I’ll leave it as it is and look for another alternative. I contacted PD tech suppoert.

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4 Responses to Frankly speaking

  1. fretwalker says:

    I, for one, like the star ratings, and wish you’d bring them back for the pinups, too.

  2. Jeff Jones says:

    I like the star ratings also Frank.

  3. Jeff says:

    The star ratings are good and all, but its not the end of the world if they never came back. Ill tell ya one thing though, there are some 5 star babes this week.

  4. fleetflatfoot says:

    Of course, the week I want to give out the rare and coveted 5 stars to the butt, the ratings are down. If you can fix it, keep the ratings.

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