Frankly speaking

Summer is just about here. What’s to complain about? I have a new garage door freshly installed and the automatic door opener is sitting on the floor waiting for mounting. The new door is quiet, insulated, easy to lift by hand and has a metal backing with the usual dense styrofoam product inside.

Also sitting on the floor is a bucketful of about 15 pounds of freshly ground grains for my next homebrew, a Zombie Dust clone attempt using all Citra hops. Brew day is tentatively scheduled for next weekend. I really don’t know how it will turn out using BIAB (brew-in-a-bag,) or how close it will come to tasting like the commercial beer, but what I’m assured of is that the final product will be beer. It’ll be my first try using dry yeast and also the first attempt at utilizing kegs in the Keezer. I go with the flow and learn every step of the way.

But still, there’s a ton of shit which has collected inside the friendly confines of the Manly Garage over the years. Motorcycle parts, engine parts, installation guide manuals, auto light bulbs and miscellaneous nuts and bolts scattered across the floor. The TV now needs a new digital box from Comcast in order to get any network programming. The microwave needs a good cleaning. The DVD player still works and the beer fridge still plugs away. I need to find a spot for the keezer which is now an officially functional unit Unfortunately, it must remain in the garage all year long. No permissible space inside so far, but I’m workin’ on it. The 4-corner stereo still works fine and I get comments about how nice it sounds. Lots of plans for the warm summer months.

Tonight’s escapade into the high stout country has me feeling like bedtime is a few minutes away. I’ll just cut this short and letchuz know that I’m still dedicated to this website on a daily basis. So much for big beers and short posts.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Your Manly Garage sounds exactly like my Man Cave, minus the automatic opener anyways. We here in the south are pretty much in the summer already, which means so much for spring cleaning.

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