Cicada Killer wasp Happy Mothers Day. Spring is everywhere you look, with the possible exception of the bathroom. The robins are firmly implanted in their nests and their kids are calling out to everyone at 3:30 a.m. Cicadas will be emerging en masse on the east coast and the Cicada Killers, those giant mutant, giant wasp giants will be ready. Mosquitoes are spawning in nearby puddles and in one of those rimless tires out in the backyard. Fly larvae are taking advantage of the dead organic matter and will emerge as well. Looks like it’s going to be another great summer. My god, look at how tall the backyard grass has grown. (Groan!)

California wildfires – The Big Picture

Car Pics

Here’s to the Moms [1:01]

McDonalds store construction time lapse [8:16] – no audio

Shelved [5:36]

Adobe XD explores the analog future [4:25]

Microscopic images

3D printing is going to kick ass [7:23]

Natalie’s marble machine [5:47]

Timelapse of the Earth over the last 30 years [4:39]

Exoids [5:28]
Fallen Art [6:00]
Reach [3:43]

Billy Jean on bottles [2:55]
Hallelujah on crystal glasses [3:48]
Printer orchestra [1:46]

Dictate your style [0:35]
Running with the bulls [0:32]
Chinese hand grenade training with female [0:35]
Teamwork pile driving in Thailand [0:31]
New Haven Connecticut Union Station flip board [0:28]
Falling dildos [0:31]


100 ways to open a beer [3:35]
Touring 3Floyds Brewery on Dark Lord Day [6:04]
The art and science of beer – Charlie Bamforth [5:06]

Oculus Rift – virtual reality [4:54]

Superman vs. Thor – live action [5:58]

Forging Gimli’s Bearded Axe (LOTR) – Man at Arms [5:32]

Jordan Tanner screamin’ – 2012 [5:28]

Bo knows from 1989 [1:01]

Detroit bids for the XGames [5:34]

Nissan GT-R ski slope [2:27

Touch screen slot machines [3:33]

The f-bombing Winnebago man [4:38]

Bikini snowboarding [3:28]

AC/DC – Rolling Stones – Back in Black – Rock Me Baby [10:42]

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