Humpday Honey – Veronika Varekova

Veronica01Veronika Varekova is a Czech swimsuit and fashion model. Veronica’s career includes landing her on the covers of Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and, the most coveted of all, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. A successful and talented model, Veronica’s passions reach beyond the fashion industry as she is an avid painter and involved in the arts. She is also an active person, who can often be found on the golf courses, ski slopes, and tennis courts around the world.

Veronica is this week’s Honey and her image set follows.

Click to view full.

Veronica Varekova-02

Veronica Varekova-01

Veronica Varekova-03

Veronica Varekova-04

Veronica Varekova-05

Veronica Varekova-06

Veronica Varekova-07

Veronica Varekova-08

Veronica Varekova-09

Veronica Varekova-10

Veronica Varekova-11

Veronica Varekova-12

Veronica Varekova-13

Veronica Varekova-14

Veronica Varekova-15

Veronica Varekova-16

Veronica Varekova-17

Veronica Varekova-18

Veronica Varekova-19

Veronica Varekova-21

Veronica Varekova-22

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