It’s Sunday! Have you been outside yet? I think the cold weather is over. Time to see if we can still fit into last year’s cargo shorts. If you get a little chill, c’mon back inside. We’ll be waiting right here with all the stuff down there.

Car Pics

Beijing in smog

Gargoyles and Grotesques

Forging the Diamond Sword – MAN AT ARMS [5:17]

Greatest dead American car brands

Edwardian England around 1900 [5:35]

Building a treadle lathe [6:05]

Vatican City explained [7:03]

Things you might not know about Fleetwood Mac

Nuclear fusion [4:40]

The Super Rope Solution [4:49]
Ramus [1:53]
Jessica Rabbit – Why don’t you do right [2:19]

Kagemu à Paris [4:24]
Mexican street performer [1:56]
Hungarian dulcimer [3:37]

Diving soccer players vs. sniper [0:55]
Starburst acid [0:31]
F-15 refuel [0:35]


Molson Canadian [1:01]
Bud’s bowtie can marketing gimmick [1:21]
Shit beer geeks say [3:54]

Philips Cinema TV ad [4:41]

Oil filter suppressor [3:42]

Hat Grabber [2:22]

Motorcycle racer on wet track [3:36]

Professional Foosball Singles Final [6:49]

Ten most distinctive sounding cars – videos

Motorweek tests the 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood [8:00]

Two Irishmen in a rally car [6:56] – try to follow along

ESPN NCAA College Football Images of the Decade (2000-2009) [4:44]

Super Sexy CPR [1:30]

Doobie Brothers – Black Water [4:26]

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