Frankly speaking

My apologies. There was no Brew Review due to family issues. One son and his family just returned from a week’s vacation at Disney World. They stopped in to visit and tell us their stories and show us their pictures. Other sons and their babes started showing up. Next thing you knew, we were a party of 8 at a local restaurant. Time flew by, stomachs got filled. Sadly, there wasn’t enough time or enough mood left to drink beer and pound out 1000+ word review. We’ll jump back into it next weekend just as usual. For now, I’ll just drink beer.

Saturday, today, is actually SPT’s 5-year anniversary even though I announced it last week. Hip-Hip-Hurray for us. So many things have been modified, added or changed on the site since it first went live. Things will continue to change and improve over time as long as I hold the steering wheel. I still love doing this shit every day and I have to thank all the readers who stop by. Your comments and input are sincerely appreciated.

Now let’s talk beer.

I spent the better part of Friday morning on a road trip to the 3Floyds Brewery in Munster, Indiana for the third late release of Dark Lord tickets. From what I gathered from talking to people in line and from what I read on the beer forums, this year’s handling of sales of tickets was a bit botched and many people were pissed. Apparently, 3Fs held back the entire batch of their A-Session tickets (10 a.m. to 12 a.m) for sale to the locals in the area. Consequently many people who wanted to buy tickets online were shut out and weren’t offered the A-Session as an option to try to buy. Over the last three weekends, probably to let the locals in, 3Fs announced that DLD tickets would be made available at the brewery proper at 9 a.m. Friday. I was the chosen one to travel the distance, wait in line and buy one DLD ticket for myself, having missed out on my attempts to buy one online the first day. Got a ticket at about 9:15 and paid the required $30 fee. If they offer another batch of tickets for sale next week, I’ll take another trip and spent another 30 bucks just so the one son who is still left out can attend along with us.

Some people may find it ironic that we have to pay $30 just for the privilege of buying a 4-pack of Dark Lord bombers for $60. And, we have to visit the brewery to buy it. All told, That’s $90 plus gas for 4 bottles of Russian Imperial Stout. But in 3Fs defense, the beer is one-of-a-kind and delicious, the atmosphere at the brewery is akin to a beer geek convention. It’s a fun day all the way around. A huge order of magnitude more enjoyable than the US introduction of Westvleteren 12 not too long ago for $85 for a sixer of 11.2-ounce bottles and 2 small glasses. Jeeze. The things I put myself through for beer.

Locally, things are looking great for craft beer availability. I’m seeing new offerings from Lagunitas, DFH, and Deschutes. Revolution Brewery out of Chicago finally made it out this way, as well as more brett beers that people seem to like more and more. More gluten-free beers. It’s a great time to be alive and drink beer.

Once again, thanks for visiting whenever you can.

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