Humpday Honey – Natalia Siwiec

Natalia01Natalia Siwiec is a Polish swimsuit and lingerie model. Born in the early 80s, Natalia Siwiec first gained international attention, after winning the Miss Lower Silesia pageant in 2003. From there, she went on to represent Poland at the Miss Bikini of the Universe Pageant in China, where she won “Miss Bikini of China Gate” and “Miss Photo”. In 2006, she again represented Poland, competing in the Miss International Tourism contest in South Africa. She took home honors for “Best Body”. In addition to her pageant competitions, she has also appeared in spreads in the international editions of Maxim, Playboy and Esquire.

Luscious brunette Natalia is this week’s Honey and her image set is next.

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Natalia Siwiec-12

Natalia Siwiec-17

Natalia Siwiec-10

Natalia Siwiec-01

Natalia Siwiec-02

Natalia Siwiec-03

Natalia Siwiec-04

Natalia Siwiec-05

Natalia Siwiec-06

Natalia Siwiec-07

Natalia Siwiec-08

Natalia Siwiec-09

Natalia Siwiec-11

Natalia Siwiec-13

Natalia Siwiec-14

Natalia Siwiec-15

Natalia Siwiec-16

Natalia Siwiec-18

Natalia Siwiec-19

Natalia Siwiec-20

Natalia Siwiec-21

Natalia Siwiec-22

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2 Responses to Humpday Honey – Natalia Siwiec

  1. fretwalker says:

    That “Best Body” award belongs to her plastic surgeon!

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Maybe so. But it was worth the hard drive space.

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