Frankly speaking

Saturday, April 13th marks 5 years that SixPackTech has been online. I was new to everything Internet back in ’08 including WordPress, HTML and beer. I was so green back then. Even my beer reviews reflected it. Eventually, the post contents started attracting viewers and a following was built. I learned a lot over the last five years and the learning still continues. I’d like to thank those readers who have been with us the longest, Fretwalker, DV, Harold, Jeff, Graeme, Bols and many others. Thanks for sticking with us. You guys rock!

And now for something completely different…

Over the course of many weeks, I’ve been looking at the star ratings for the Weekly Babes and the one category that gets the least amount of user interaction is the Pinup of the Week. I think a change is justified there. I’m not going to take the Pinup away, but the star rating will be gone. You can look, but you can’t rate. I don’t think there’ll be many complainers out there. If you really miss the star ratings for the Pinup lemme know somehow. Email, a random post comment, phone call (my telephone number is 7.) I’ll see it.

Tomorrow’s Slinks and Jiffs once again utilize the Pics subdomain. I like it so far. So easy to administer and the results are perfect. No sidebars and a full screen. It also offers an opportunity to post other pictorials that may happen. The Humpday Honeys come to mind. I just may try it when you ain’t lookin’. Search engine optimization comes to mind, but time may rectify that over time.

I have finally obtained a complete set of instructions on how to sell the new SPT-shirts via PayPal. All I have to do is make it happen with them and create a sidebar graphic. Right now, I have 10 SPT-shirts and they’re all XLs in size. For now, if you’d like to buy one in that size, send an email to the site address and I’ll send you a shirt pending payment. These are Beefy Tees and they weren’t cheap to make. I’m asking 20 bucks for the shirt and 4 bucks for the mailing expenses. Keep in mind that these are SPT-shirts v1.0. Some day they will be a collector’s item. Especially when v1.1 or 2.0 comes out. Pfft!

I sold my motorcycle to my son for a ridiculously low price. He’s been looking for street cruiser and I had one just sitting there. I think that was the wise thing to do based on my age. He’ll get the bike in the rip-roarin’ ready-to-go state that he wants it to be in and occasionally, I may just take a putt around the neighborhood for old time’s sake.

I haven’t brewed a beer in quite a while and I’m deliberating a style. Scottish ale, IPA, SMaSH beer, or some concoction I may like in BeerSmith, who knows. Now that the weather is warming up, I’ll be back in the Manly Garage doing a brew-in-a-bag and washing down the mess with the garden hose. I never did get around to doing an extract beer in the kitchen over the winter, probably for fear that the beer wouldn’t turn out to my expectations or fear of the Wrath of Mom.

After 5 years of SixPackTech and over 8600 posts, I still love doing this shit. Thanks a lot for stopping by.

One of my favorite pics of myself.

Dark Frank

Dark Frank

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  1. Jeff says:

    Do please let me know when you have some other sizes of t-shirts available. Unfortunately my narrow ass only fits in a medium, you’re guaranteed at least one purchase. The sticker keeps coming off my shirt in the wash :(

  2. fcgrabo says:

    I’ll let you know. I had to laugh about your laundry and the sticker. Clever.

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