Happy Easter y’all. Won’t be long until baseball season gets into full swing. We’ll be watching the players in their long sleeved shirts on the field and jackets in the dugout. We and the boys of summer will just have a wait a little while longer until it gets more shirt-sleeve tolerable. Regardless of what it’s like outside, we bring you another Internet adventure. Just start at the top and click your way down.

Car Pics

Google won’t protect you from Big Brother – TED Talk [15:28]

Who really killed Bin Laden?

David Lee Roth tells the story behind the “no brown M&Ms” legend [5:40]

Carl Sagan explains the fourth dimension [7:25]

DARPA robots [10:34]

The marches of soldiers [2:46]

ARES I rocket test [5:40]

Actresses without teeth

The story behind Apollo 12’s lightning strike [4:07]

Fallen Angel [13:19]
Motorville [2:46]
Perfect Holiday [2:32]

Money For Nothing bluegrass [3:00]
Super Spice Bros 2 [1:00]
Laurel and Hardy dance to the Rolling Stones [1:52]

There is no reason to be alive if you can’t deadlift [0:22]
Engine ejection [0:43]
Reel it in [0:40]


The full aperture can end
Dr. Charlie Bamforth and the above topic [2:23]
The TapIt Cap – a Kickstarter project – w/video

Monster trucks in the ’80s [9:48]

Fully automatic can crusher [3:44]

Reverse racing and caravan racing [8:15]

NHL trick shots and stick skills [6:34]

InertiaMS [5:50] – drifting

Trinity and Beyond – full version [9:31] – nuclear blasts

Tundra tows Space Shuttle Endeavor [4:36]

Golden Stick – Wiffle Ball [8:04]

Bill Dance’s classic fishing bloopers [3:02]
Bill Dance’s outdoor bloopers [7:52]

Banned Snickers ad [0:50]

Beach Boys – Kokomo [3:33]

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