Frankly speaking

After my own personal resounding success of the last batch of Nice Pics, I couldn’t get the pics and the layout format to repeat the performance for the Slinks this Sunday. The no-sidebar layout is working fine but WordPress is stubborn to allow me to add a new image size to fit the space. I’ve tried numerous plugins and php code insertions but I was met with with a figurative large middle finger. Some of the stuff worked half the time and half the stuff worked all of the time. At one point on Saturday afternoon, I brought the whole site down with a short 4-line script inserted into one of the files. Couldn’t even log in after that. I had to edit the file and delete the offending code via the host control panel.

With the subtle yet persistent problems that this new WP 3.5.1 still has, I’m eagerly waiting for the 3.5.2 update and I hope it comes soon. I seem to be be investing a lot more time than I have been in correcting the formatting and image insertion tasks. But I gotta tellyuz, I’m still sticking with WordPress. The WP support forums are full of solutions to many of the problems that web guys and gals are having. It’s not a time to switch to some other platform. Hell, we’re going on 5 years come early April.

When it’s time to post a raft of Nice Pics or Car Pics, I’ll have to resize the images to fit the space. I’m willing to do that. But it’s such a simple task that could be accomplished through some code. That’s why it’s an issue with me. Nuff said.

You may have noticed that the image sets which accompany the weekly SixPack Pics, Humpday Honey, SixPack Comics and Photoshop phonies are now a little bit larger. They fill up pretty much the entire content area while maintaining aspect ratio. You can still click on the pic to get the original size regardless of the size. That will remain from now on, unless I screw something up. And if I do, I’ll fix it and I’ll tell you about it.

For now, I’m leaving well enough alone and will deal with the problems over the course of time. I still like the way the way the site looks and how it’s laid out. We’ll keep it this way until I learn php and css (not likely) or the WordPress gurus fire that one guy who has all the radical new ideas and returns us back to an atmosphere of normality.

At the last MASH homebrew club meeting, I had the opportunity to sample a braggot style of beer. Beer made with honey.

Braggot is quite an old drink, there is a mention in Chaucer, Canterbury Tales in the late 1300s, and there are earlier references dating even further back to the 12th century in Ireland. Braggot is simply made by blending spices and herbs with mead and beer to produce a strong concoction with uncommon flavors. Many taverns would make this blend right at the bar though brewers would also blend them as well.

Talking to the guy who brewed it, I asked him if hops were used in the process. He said he used the usual amount of hops, but a lot of honey (7 lbs. or so) and some malts. I gotta get a recipe from this guy. He repeatedly brings outstanding beers to the meetings.

I’m working with a local shop here in town to print us up some SPT tshirts. It’ll be a big outlay of cash for the initial order, but I hope that in the long run, it’ll all even out financially. Interestingly, they also make custom beer glasses. Hmmm…

As we work our way through our present existence and into the spring season, I must remind you once again, for the second to the last time (penultimate) that St. Patrick’s Day is next Sunday. Plan accordingly. Also, Dark Lord Day has been officially announced as taking place on Saturday, April 27th. The date for obtaining tickets has yet to be announced.

It’s almost time for bed. Maybe one more beer by myself without this website lookin’ me in face.

As always, thanks a lot for stopping by.

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