It’s Sunday. Kind of a quiet relaxing day right smack dab in the middle of Ol’ Man Crap Winter. We’re here standing by to help you pass away some of your spare time today. The Slinks stand in a column below and await your caressing click. (Pfft!)

Oymayakon – the coldest village on Earth

Street art from around the world – Imgur gallery

ATHLETE – NASA’s next lunar rover – with videos

Solar flare [4:17]

Marble track [2:18]

Ernie Adams’ 1949 Mercury dwarf car [6:10]

Super supercapacitor [3:33]

Metal bender [5:58]

Quadrocopter pole acrobatics [2:00]

F-16 low level flying in Norway [4:34]

First Person Mario: Endgame [2:17]
How to become Pope [5:09]
The Smoke Seller [6:27]

Canjo [1:31]
What is this? A beer? [3:48]
SEREBRO – Gun [3:22]
They are those 3 Russian babes in a car [4:05]

Rally car traction [0:12]
9 putts [0:34]
Harlem Shake vFinal [0:31]


What is cask ale? [2:14]
Sam Adams Boston lager coming in cans – the Sam Can
The Brew Master episode that was never aired – Three Beers for Batali [43:40]

Endhiran scenes (Indian robot) [8:36]

NHL’s biggest hits [5:30]

Stadium Super Trucks [5:00]

Wingsuit base jumping – a lotta wind noise [2:38]

WoopyFly – Inflatable wing ultralight [2:59]

FPSRussia – 50 cal sniper slo-mo [3:32]

Australian Football League 2012 Grand Final [5:22]

Rat Rod [1:35]

The man’s dormroom (Home Improvement) [2:50]

Hula lesson [2:07]

Foreigner – Dirty White Boy [3:36]

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