Humpday Honeys – The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Babes

S.I.01For today’s feature we have something that may help warm you up, here in the dead of winter. The babes of the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. It’s a bevy of bodacious beauties with Kate Upton who remarkably looks like herself. There’s a bumper crop of Honeys waiting in the image set below.

Click to enlarge.

S.I. Babe-01

S.I. Babe-02

S.I. Babe-03

S.I. Babe-04

S.I. Babe-05

S.I. Babe-06

S.I. Babe-07

S.I. Babe-08

S.I. Babe-09

S.I. Babe-10

S.I. Babe-11

S.I. Babe-12

S.I. Babe-13

S.I. Babe-14

S.I. Babe-15

S.I. Babe-16

S.I. Babe-17

S.I. Babe-18

S.I. Babe-19

S.I. Babe-20

S.I. Babe-21

S.I. Babe-22

S.I. Babe-23

S.I. Babe-24

S.I. Babe-25

S.I. Babe-26

S.I. Babe-27

S.I. Babe-28

S.I. Babe-29

S.I. Babe-30

S.I. Babe-31

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