FastRack for Homebrewers

Bottle treeIf you bottle your homebrew you know what a pain in the ass the bottle tree is. It holds only 45 bottles while your 5-gallon batch usually gets you close to 50. And how do you store that thing? AND your empties?

A new product hit the market and SPT has been selected to showcase it. The product is the FastRack bottle collection and drying system. The video under the pic describes it all.

FastRack System

The FastRack system is headed toward the very top of my Want List.

FastRack price

This would greatly speed up clean-up times after parties as well. Visit their website and witness all the possibilities that this system provides.

Disclaimer: I like these guys. I’ve seen all their videos and I know what they went through to get this to market. I’ll probably order a set of FastRacks along with my next homebrew recipe order. It’s a great idea that should be spread through the homebrewing community.

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