It’s Sunday and football is a thing of the past. You may have found yourself zoned out while watching the highlights of the latest Quidditch Championships on ESPN and finally turned to the Internet for some fresh enjoyment. That’s where we come in. We have a schedule of events already selected and all you have to do is click. Let’s get started.

Carnival 2013 – The Big Picture

Russian meteorite
The sound it made [0:18]
More sounds – [1:57 – start at 0:30]
Compilation [2:10]

Asteroid discoveries [3:14]

A tour of the moon [4:40]

What happens when you pop a water balloon in space? [4:05]

Train snow plow compilation [7:43]

Cheerleading in South Africa [6:37]

Japanese planing competition [3:01]

How drill bits are made [5:00]

The Internet Archive [13:04]

Hyperquench [4:15]
Super Smash Brothers Brawl [3:50]
Dragonball Z stop-motion [6:05]

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys – Rockwood Deer Chase [2:15]
Skeet Surfin’ from Top Secret [2:50]
Bottom percussion PATAX [2:57]

Shave like a man [0:37]
Ice cylinder maker [0:42]
Keep an eye on the scooters at right [0:27]


The farmers of Alsace [1:00]
KegWorks’ bottle cap wall [2:14]
The Last Barfighter [1:18]

Matte clear Plasti-Dip for your car [6:20]

Ferdinand Ice Festival 2013 (Norway) [6:55]

The Gate [8:18]

Hit by a bus supercut [12:27]

Trabant [3:58]

1930s dashcam/rumble seat cam [2:10]

Hollywood camera cars [5:29]

Perpetual motion [4:10]

World’s fastest Lotus? [13:56]

Suit & Tie with Misa Campo [5:30]

Alice Cooper – Under My Wheels [5:00]

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