Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 11.38.26 PMIt’s Tuesday and we’re gonna do something different today like mixing funny and nice pics together. Funny = six of one, nice = half-dozen of another. They were dug out of a yard over on Wausentaug Creek Road right here in Morris, Illinaware. A nice and funny thirty-pack.

Click to enlarge.

funny pic-04

funny pic-08

funny pic-10

nice pic-15

funny pic-11

funny pic-12

funny pic-14

nice pic-01

funny pic-03

nice pic-02

funny pic-05

nice pic-03

nice pic-04

Monkey takes photos on camera

nice pic-05

funny pic-07

funny pic-01

nice pic-06

funny pic-06

nice pic-07


nice pic-08

funny pic-02

nice pic-10

nice pic-11

funny pic-15

nice pic-12

nice pic-13

nice pic-14

nice pic-09

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