It’s Sunday. Only two games left to decide who goes to the Super Bowl. Then next weekend we sit at home and twiddle our thumbs or watch countless hours of pre-Super Bowl predictions and stats. We’ll be here as usual with the Slinks. Those one-click Internet destinations. Just like the ones below. Have attem.

The Dakar Rally – The Big Picture
(answer the 2 question survey to cont.)

Greatest College Football Moments [6:26]

Ford Atlas Concept [2:46]
As shown at the Detroit Auto Show

Water projection cinema [4:31]

Mudslide in Afghanistan [3:59]

Microsoft IllumiRoom – 2 videos

Backyard ice rink time-lapse [3:10]

Powers of Ten (1977) [9:01]

10 greatest failed supercar companies

Killzone Intercept [14:19]

Stray [6:04]
Sintel [14:48]
The Car of Tomorrow [6:16]

World Order “2012” [4:36]
Electro Swing World Champion [6:25]
Beyonce – Single Ladies – Benny hill version [1:39]

The quickest way to tie a tie [0:52]
Spark plug porcelain – Ninja rocks [0:12]
What a burglar does not want to see [0:52]


Spent grain bread – for the homebrewer
10 hop flavors you should know – slideshow
How beer gets its color

SRT Viper GTS vs. Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 [15:02]

Moonwalk [3:43]

R’ha [6:26]

RYNO Motors story [6:51]

17 minutes of building implosions [17:17]

SawStop demonstration [5:06]

Xpogo – New York City [4:52]

Some android pathos
Kara [6:56]
Lal [0:40]

The F-35 Experience [4:30] – best viewed in HD

2012 Nightfire Nationals [39:23]

Kate Upton for Sports Illustrated [6:40]

AC/DC – Runaway Train [5:27]

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