Frankly speaking

The site has been moving right along into the new year and things are progressing within normal parameters except for two major things: Yojimbo and WordPress. Yojimbo? Well, lemme tellyuz.

I received an Apple Airport Express as a gift for Christmas and tried to set it up wirelessly using the Airport Utility without hooking it up to the home network. Didn’t work.

Tried many different alternatives which also didn’t work. Finally, the network saw the new Express when I finally wired it up with an ethernet cable. I figured I could wire up the Express out in the Manly Garage and have wireless available for all those spontaneous garage parties that break out like rashes when the weather gets warm. In the process of setting up the Express, the modem and Extreme router were power cycled numerous times. A few times, a warning would pop up on the screen informing me that a disk drive was not properly dismounted. Checking into the two network drives showed that all the files were still there and everything came up nicely after computer restart.

Then the big disaster… My sock drawer, my junk drawer, Yojimbo booged out somewhere in that process of setting up the Express. The database somehow got screwed up, even though it was connected via USB hub to an external hard drive. I contacted Bare Bones tech support. Over a period of two weeks I’ve determined that the guy I was talking to couldn’t see my replies in his email. That’s not a good sign. Rather than dealing with his problems, I decide to find an alternative solution on my own.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 9.45.48 PMI was able to retrieve many of the files I had saved from Yojimbo and saved them as “web-locs” to a separate directory. I looked into the other popular sock/junk drawer software, Evernote. I downloaded that bad boy.

It took me a while to figure out the new surroundings and how to insert tab A into slot B, but I was able to repopulate the new software with most of the old stuff. I finally discovered why Evernote was so popular. All of your stuff is in the cloud. I can access it from my iMac in the house or my MacBook in the garage or at the coffee shop. The transferring of web links from the saved directory was no problem, but consumed a bit of time for me to finally wrap my head around it… all those dead brain cells ya know. I also discovered a bunch of crap topics I’d saved and wondered what could I have been thinking, wanting to save them.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 10.30.29 PMEvernote doesn’t have some of the features that I relied on with Yojimbo, such as flagging files, adding file colors, or easily adding text to notes. But so far it’s working. And… I have to log into Evernote each time the Mac boots up and I have to re-login to their Firefox WebClipper plugin each time I quit Firefox. One other problem is that the use user has to have third-party cookies enabled for the Clipper to work. That gives me some uneasy feelings.

But I seem to be getting the hang of Evernote and I hope that the software engineer guys and gals over there take heed of what their users (me) want in a future upgrade. Incidentally, I easily maxed out their 100Mb limit on the free account and had to upgrade to the Premium one. 5 bucks for 1 Gb the first month seemed reasonable and there’s a 15 buck savings if your buy a year’s subscription.

Now on to WordPress:

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 10.10.52 PM

I’ve created some shortcuts for myself which make it a little easier for me to post with this new WP 3.5. The most difficult post is the Slinks. WP 3.5 doesn’t cooperate between visual and text modes here at SPT. Neither do the graphics. Consequently, the slinks are all composed in text mode, with all the HTML commands available. It takes a little more time, but I‘m willing to deal with this slight aberration of this version of WordPress until the deities that code this wonderful free software realize their mistakes and generate a 3.5.1 version that works with the majority of themes and plugins. I figure that this 3.5 version was tested only on’s Twenty Twelve theme with a disregard for the countless hundreds of thousand other themes that are out there.

I have saved numerous articles on how to downgrade to 3.4.2 but the database issue stills gives me a some pause. I just wonder if the ones who have said that the downgrade works have upwards of 8000 posts and hundreds of pages.

I’m sure that the alarms have been raised over at the headquarters. For now, the poor bastards who have troubles with 3.5, who have their websites totally wiped out or massively crippled, will have to wait upwards of six months for a new version. It may be sooner if they shitcan that one guy who screams, “This is the way it’s going to work from now on and screw those who won’t comply.”

For now, I roll with the punches and plan a little extra preparation time for the Slinks on Sunday.

I’ve been giving more thought to crackin’ open some Westies soon.

Incidentally, the new 2013 gallery has been posted on the All the Babes page. You can access the page at the top of the site, just under the metallic SPT graphic. In addition, the 2013 Brew Reviews Table is in its appropriate place as well, also available from the menu bar.

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my snifter glass for visiting whenever you can.

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