John Gruden-ChuckyIt’s Sunday. Another day of curling up in the La-Z-Boy and having your brain filled with stats, replays, brutal commentary and the color announcers. In my opinion, they all suck. Aikman, Simms, etc. But Gruden… I can handle listening to Gruden on Monday nights.

Whether it’s before, during or after the games, we’re glad you came. We have some interesting places below for you to visit. Ready? Get clickin’.

Nice pics

George Carlin – Baseball vs. Football [4:48]

Chicago – City of Dreams – Imgur gallery

World’s worst custom car paint jobs

Harry Winston – Opus 12 [2:01]

Musical rumble strips in Japan [0:40]

WTC – Building 7 explained [3:30]

The asteroid that flattened Mars [20:13]

See the birth of a solar system [2:51]

NASCAR wrap job [3:25]

Rebuilding Rotterdam [2:37]
PIOK [3:34] – it’s done at 2:48
Motor Mania starring Goofy [6:42]

Caravan Palace – Suzy [3:05]
James Brown and the Famous Flames [3:10] – it’s all in the footwork
Beethoven Virus – on Tesla coils [1:42]

2013 [0:29]
Carbon fiber hand-dip [0:37]
Destructive hockey check [0:21]


Top 10 beers of 2012 – Better Beer Authority [9:53]
Homebrewing and craft beer [6:26]
News in Beer Editorial: Craft vs. Crafty Beers

Upgrading through every version of Windows [9:50]

Perpetual motion machine [5:45]

Best Jackie Chan stunts [5:55]

All Aussie Adventures [6:30]

Window cleaning the world’s tallest building [4:20]

Beginner’s Guide to Burning Man [5:25]

1950 Chevrolet: Morrison Farm Truck – BIG MUSCLE [11:21]

Dash cam – Market Street, San Francisco 1905 [7:10]

Locomotive paint job time-lapse [6:54]

Belly Dance by Didem [4:12]

Stealers Wheel – Stuck in the Middle With You [3:27]

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