It’s Sunday. The countdown to the Big Holiday nears zero hour. If you’ve forgotten someone on your list, just apolgize and hand him/her a dollar and say, “It’s on backorder. Here’s a buck in good faith.” They’ll understand. Then you can take advantage of all the post-holiday sales that will be going on. The crowds and parking will be crazy, though. That’s your price for forgetfulness. Here come the Slinks.

Nice Pics

Guide to the most delicious holiday drinks

10 things to do when you’re selling your car

Giant robots!

Underground shelter construction – Imgur gallery

Chinese nail house holdouts [2:04]

Trashcan turkey [3:25]

Holland vs. the Netherlands [4:00]

Birds of Britain – silly [3:09]

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011 [1:30]

CTX gamma 2000 TC – machine porn [8:58] (watch the body cast vid on your own dime)

Season’s Gweetings! [1:58]
Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion [2:24]
Elf ‘n’ Safety [1:06]

Silent Monks Singing Halleluia [2:58]
Fastest Christmas song in the world [1:56]
God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen – FireHero 3 [2:54]
Ravi Shankar – RIP [4:47]

Season’s Greetings from Dante [0:20]
Ball handling [0:31]
Bad taste Bud Lite [0:25]


Chinese beer in a bag [1:08]
Andréas Falt//Brewers Association American Craft Beer Ambassador [3:05]
Judging at the Great American Beer Festival [3:10]

Football legends in the making
Adrian Petereson [8:33]
Devin Hester [10:24]

1964 Cadillac: Big, Black & Blown – BIG MUSCLE [10:06]

Flashpoint – Final Fight Scene (Donnie Yen VS Collin Chou) [8:00]

Road Warriors [8:00]

Downhill BMX POV [4:28]

Epic Chef – Breakfast Challenge [9:39]

The truth about semi-automatic firearms [10:54]
Watch what happens when guns are banned in Australia [6:28]

International Rules Test – Australia vs. Ireland – multiple sports in one game [14:54]

DOWNLOADED – the story of Napster [3:12]

Operation 2025 [5:14]

Deck the Halls sung by the Victoria’s Secret Angels [1:29]

Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart [6:12]

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