It’s Sunday. 10REST   20RELAX   30FOOTBALL   40INTERNET   REMNot necessarily in that order. Get the important stuff out of the way early so you can 50GOTO10. Let’s cut right to the chase and hop into the Slinks. Here we go.

NatGeo photo contest Part II – The Big Picture

Pirate chest cooler – Imgur gallery

Inside Amazon – Imgur gallery

The longest straight roads in the world

Mars Rover Curiosity [5:07]

Monster machinery

Biggest Teahupoo in slo-mo (wave) [7:29]

Inside an Apple Store [5:53]

Wind turbine constuction timelapse [2:05]

Chicago Police roadblock [7:10]

Classic video game foot race [2:13]
Star Wars IV speedrun [1:06]
The evolution of life on Earth [2:20]

Ragtime elephant [1:51]
Drums on a keyboard [1:54]
Born in East L.A. – Cheech and Chong [5:26]

How to eat corn in 10 seconds [0:22]
Never judge a farm truck [0:23]
Drift fail [0:49]


FastRack empty bottle sysytem [2:55 video]
Guinness science [9:17]
Founders Brewing makes a poster [2:02]

Vita est Lavorum  – Father Guido Sarducci [5:25]

Forgotten archery [4:58]

Stink Master 2000 – Jorge Sprave [5:56]

.550 T-Rex  – classic fave [2:15]

AE Performance car storage facility [8:03]

Romeo Sandoval’s Camry [3:08]

Rocket Launch [4:00]

F-35B suitability testing [3:05]

What’s your name? [1:06]

Got Ass lingerie show at ImportFest 2012 – a lesson in a Spanish dialect [3:31]

Fleetwood Mac – Second Hand News [3:14]

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