Cinnaburger Supreme

EpicMealTime is going in hard on the dessert burgers player. We’re taking custom cinnamon buns, new bacon recipes and a ton of sugar, and bringing them together for an orgy of candy goodness.


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2 Responses to Cinnaburger Supreme

  1. Jeff says:

    ironically enough, at 1:18 one of the guys has a sugar free red bull on the table while preparing the sugar disaster…

  2. fcgrabo says:

    A sugar-free Red Bull, in my opinion, should be tolerated when watching EMT, based on the amount of other hard alcohol these guys are consuming.

    Some people think they’re drinking colored water, but you have to look at their eyes.

    Nonetheless, the series still bears merit. Harley Morenstein is making a name for himself. He’s instantly recognizable by any Internet viewers.

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