It’s Sunday. Time to relax and revel in the guilt of packing on a few pounds last Thursday or overdoing it Friday and Saturday. But don’t worry too much about that. Consider it a lesson learned which you can apply over the Christmas holiday. And then there’s New Years the very next week. Rather than feeling guilty about the recent past, consider it as practice for future sessions.

Nice Pics

Superstorm Sandy – before and after – interactive

The operation to rescue Manhattan’s drowned internet

Mine Kafon [3:10]

10 myths about space travel that make science fiction better

iCream [5:18]

A brief history of photography: Innovations in chemistry [4:57]

Raceway for adults [4:14]


Huge off-highway road trains

200-foot Slip ‘N’ Slide [6:51]

The Legend of Digital Zelda [2:23]
Don’t forget the magic word [1:42]
Art & Animation Reel [2:26] – bizarre

Death Waltz – impossible piano song  [3:34]
Guitar Boogie – Arthur Smith [3:50]
Monster Tubulum: Time To Start [2:52]

Railroad bike [0:30]
Beneath a glacier time lapse [0:49]
K is for Knifeball [0:43]


Fresh Cap for the Bräuler Growler
[2:42 video]
DIY wooden bottle opener
Beer 101 [2:23]

WYRMWOOD- An Australian Zombie film (2013) [7:18]

ISS Tour [25:05]

World Championship Blacksmithing Competition [6:43]

Hot Rod Lincoln car jump 1976 [4:26]

1968 State Farm Camaro – Jay Leno’s Garage [8:42]

Best K1 KOs [43:27]

Barry Sanders ultimate highlights [4:06]

Landing on an aircraft carrier [3:44]

Split of a Second [8:24]

Alla Kushnir – belly dancer [4:03]

Doobie Brothers – Jesus is Just Alright [4:44]

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