Frankly speaking

I’m having a problem with the Sticker Pics slideshow plugin in the right sidebar. I added a new image to the set and for some reason, it quit working. I’ve been researching all the pertinent forums and performed all the suggested fixative actions, but the pics just won’t show. There are suggestions to wait for the Flickr RSS feed to update. The plugin offers a button to clear the Flicker RSS cache, but, so far, it hasn’t produced any results. Therefore, I trashed the plugin. Shitcanned.  I’ll have to come up with a new way of showing the Sticker Pics in a nice slideshow somehow. This is a minor challenge, but a challenge nonetheless. The absolute dumb-down solution would be to create a new Sticker Pic page and then link to it in the sidebar. I wouldn’t be too happy with that simple solution. Please bear with me and give me some time to work on a solution to the problem, and finding an alternative method. I’ll spend time this weekend looking into alternatives.

Since SPT went live back in April of ’08, we’ve accommodated many visitors who looked at a lot of pages so far.

Millions. That’s pretty damn good. I have youze guys to thank.

It has been suggested that every so often, I feature something new and pertinent to the theme of the site. This is a major challenge and one that I will be thinking about a lot. Perhaps a WP theme change is in order. Perhaps not. Even though I think it’s too narrow.

Every day, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll get at least 6 posts (barring any natural disasters) including the feature of the day. Auto Monday, Quickies, Humpday Honeys with EpicMealTime thrown in somewhere, Jiffs, Comics, Phonies, occasional Flyby Faves, some Red Green, the Brew Reviews and the Slinks. And this Frankly post, a drop-trou, tell-it-like-it-is opinion piece. All of that wrapped around the other on-topic videos that are posted. What more can there be? It seems obvious that some readers just want more SixPackTech. It all depends on the time I have to find the stuff that’s worthy of posting here. I’m on it. Changes are on the way. If only I can get that sidebar slideshow plugin to work.

We have a big, kitchen-sized refrigerator out in the Manly Garage. Its function is to store basic foodstuffs for later consumption. Something went wrong just before Thanksgiving; the fridge quit cooling. Temps were in the high 40s to low 50s throughout last week. With our tribe coming over to eat that Thursday, I fired up the newly built keezer and brought its internal temp down to 35°. It worked perfectly from Wed. to Sat. with variations of about 3°. The downside was that the keezer is on a wheeled platform, so putting stuff in and taking stuff out requires a stool and some deep-waist bending. An elevated wooden shelf on the inside may be in order for the next food extravaganza.

Christmas is coming and I’ve composed a list of things that I want and distributed it to all the family members. If I were to receive one of each of  the items on the list, it would cost a collective 1.5 million dollars. The Apple products alone would comprise 65% of that. The new truck would be a paltry 10%. Samsung? Hmm… Better adjust the numbers.

Cyber Monday is coming up. If you haven’t already blown your wad on Black Friday, that day is for you. I’d suggest an early wakeup and bootup before your shower. Have your credit card number ready. It will be the first deep foray into online shopping. Leave some monetary wiggle room, because you’ll think of something else, or be reminded of something else down the road to Christmas.

If you will have relatives or friends visiting you this holiday season, email ahead of time. Tell them to bring you gifts of beer from their neck of the woods. If coming by car, no problem. By plane… special instructions require research.

The upcoming Christmas holiday brings with it so much mental stress and financial finagling, but so much joy when we can all get together and give and receive. Until Uncle Jake decides to sing after too many rum & cokes.

Thanks for stopping by.

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