Happy Thanksgiving 2012

We’re sort of taking the day off today but also throwing a little something your way for the free time you have after (or before) the food festivities. Today we’ll put up up one post. One big fat post with a mishmash of a bunch of different stuff. Kinda like stuffing all the days’ topics thrown into one post. Have at ’em.

Thermite Thanksgiving

Hyundai Asphalt 7 Heat in LEGO

World’s biggest pile of leaves

10 geeky laws that should exist, but don’t

Mag wheel pool table – via Google translate

Metal Bunny

The Quarterdeck Striker

Russian dashcam compilation – Warning! Dubstep! [5:55]

River of Lava [4:11]

How does GPS know where you are?

Some thoughts and musings about making things for the web – The Oatmeal

Welcome to the Hop On Inn

Speedrun – Matrix 1 in 60 seconds

The Muppets – Popcorn


Tattoo a banana

Most epic beer commercial ever

Fifty-five inches

Homemade Jeep – Red Green

Jed’s Other Poem (Beautiful Ground) – performed on an Apple II+ – Fave

Cobra wheelie

Max is doing The Ugly Dance – interactive

1950s Burlesque – Blaze Starr [6:17]

Paul McCartney and Wings – Hi Hi Hi

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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving 2012

  1. Al says:

    FCGrabo, I am thankful for what you do for us.
    All this on what is for most a day off. Spell my name gratefuAL…

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Thanks a lot, Al. I’m grateful you stoppped by.

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