Frankly speaking

I’m happy with the Sticker Pics slideshow in the right sidebar. Every time I visit, it doesn’t grab my eyeballs to look at it, but it’s there. Cycling through the pics. The way it’s set up by involving Flickr and a 3-second delay, means that I can add more sticker pics at any time and it’ll just keep up with the flow.

I had been entertaining one or two thoughts on changing the theme of the site. But a long time ago, when I thought about the same thing, someone commented, “Why change something that’s working just fine?” Yep. Now that the slideshow is working, why bother? I still think the theme is a little narrow though. But why fix something that ain’t broken?

I remember the beginning. I still had the Blogspot site and bought hosting on HostGator. I selected the 3-column-split theme and it took 3 months to customize it to the way I wanted it to be. Had to change the overall font, the header graphic, the rotating graphics at the top, and the WordPress plugins that were needed to get the job done. I still keep a subdomain on the side to test out different ideas that I have for the site. So far… no one has complained and the readers remain steady. Incidentally, you can still view the original on the very last day that I abandoned the Google service. I’ve learned so much since then.

I’m thinking about an experiment lasting the duration of the winter involving the freshly built keezer, which so far, hasn’t been used. But I have plans. Read on.

There is no place in the house that I can keep this beer dispensing machine that would be acceptable to the wife. Besides, the house is small and we’re still bumping into each other on the way to the toilet. Alas, the keezer must remain out in the Manly Garage, tap and all. I was thinking… since my CO2 cylinder is empty, there’s no homebrew so far, and there’s no possibility of having a kegged homebrew in the house, I’d experiment with temperature in the keezer over the winter and leave the kegging for the spring.

I intend to drill a small hole and snake in a wire to accommodate a closet light fixture with an incandescent light bulb, then centrally mount a thermometer within the structure. I could vary the wattage of the bulb; changing out smaller, appliance bulbs for larger, 40W, 60W, 100W bulbs as the winter progresses and temperatures drop. Based on the findings, one could almost imagine it to be good for constant temp fermentation. Maybe even keeping homebrew from freezing during the winter. I’ll keep track. It should be interesting based on the climate here in Illinois. Parts. Gotta buy parts.

I’ve decided that my next homebrew will be an extract version of a Scottish wee heavy. Ever since I discovered brew-in-a-bag, extract brewing has, for the most part, been abandoned. But I have complete confidence that I could brew a beer to the style using liquid extract based on what I’ve learned from biab and an all-grain session I’ve had in the past. The downside is working in my wife’s workshop. The last time I brewed extract beer, she sat at the table barking orders about cleaning up drippings and puddles on the floor and countertops. My daughter-in-law came over, just to witness the homebrew process in the kitchen and the banter that went on during it. She thought it was hilarious.

My son Jim wants to make some mead. He has about 22 pounds of wildflower honey in jars which he spent some bookoo bucks on. The process is simple but unfamiliar. No boiling. Long time fermenting. But he’s OK with that and so am I. The MASH club will have a presentation on brewing mead at the December meeting. Should be interesting.

Brew Reviews will more than likely be done at the computer desk inside the house from here on in but it seems that I need better lighting for my camera. I’ve not been satisfied with the grainy, low light pictures that I’ve been taking inside so far and in the past. Maybe I need to reread the camera manual for the first time but a nice tripod and some auxiliary lighting may be in order. Hey. Christmas is coming. Maybe. Ya think? Did someone say Klieg?

SPT remains a big part of my life and I’m so glad that you guys stop by whenever you can. Thanks a lot. Cheers.

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