It’s Sunday! Quick! What’s the correct time? Of course you remembered to set your clocks back. Good job. We will feel the first effects of this setback at about 4:30 or so this evening. It will slowly grow completely dark by 5:15 and will remain that way until next March. Every day, all day, will be dark. At least it will seem that way. Improve your night vision by taking a shot of Bilberry juice.

Bilberry juice may be one of the most famous herbal remedies helping people to see better at night. Bilberry is rich in anthocyanosides, a form of flavonoid which helps to regenerate the purple pigments in the eye that are used to see in the dark. Two to 3 tbs. of bilberry juice can be taken each day, or capsules of bilberry extract can be taken according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If taking juice, limit your portion to no more than 3 tbsp….

…or risk shitting your pants. Hmm… a Bilberry Lambic. Now there’s a thought.

On with the show.

Hurricane Sandy – The Big Picture
The Superstorm
(Note: each image set requires you to answer a 2-question survey)

Historian builds WWI trench in his back yard

Re-healable concrete

Helicopter fishing [4:53]

10 documentaries every guy should see – videos

Look inside Google’s data centers

RC touring car race [9:59]

Science can be fun

Looxcie [4:48] – product

The Known Universe [6:30]

Le Taxidermiste [6:51]
Balance [7:31] – old fave
The Butterfly Effect [3:04]

Music (piano)
Fur Elise in a major key [1:10]
Improvisation [1:15]
Redneck Rag [3:05] – Tom Brier, the neckbeard guy

Frank’s hair [0:52]
Uzbekistan football training [0:44]
20th Century Fox Flute Edition [0:22]


Fountain [1:10]
Samuel Adams Utopias 10th Anniversary Edition – with 5:26 video
The Plot to Destroy America’s Beer – this is a long read but worth it to get a look inside the evil heart of AB InBev. You’ve GOT to read this.

The Marauder – Top Gear [ a fraction of 8:05]

Swarm Robots Cooperate with AR Drone [3:00]

Amazing gymnast and ball [1:33]

Memories of WNEW Channel 5 – New York [12:43]

Light Line [5:11]

English accent knives [13:22] – stop the video when you’ve had enough

Red Bull Rampage Finals 2012 – Mountain biking [3:50]

World’s fastest Audi – Part 1 [5:17] – Part 2 [3:24]

Bicymple – The bicycle, simplified [3:03] – (?)

Car show babes [4:06] – Warning: Dubstep

Foghat – Fool for the City [5:38]

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