It’s Sunday. The real NFL refs are back. These are the same guys we hated before we started hating the new guys. Maybe we’ll hate them a little less from now on. Nah. We’ll continue to hate the refs until another guy like Terrell Owens or Deion Sanders comes along. And while we have you along, why don’t you visit some of the destinations we’ve listed below. You most certainly won’t hate it.

Oktoberfest 2012 – The Big Picture

How the football field was designed

“World’s Best Father”

How to remove a fishhook from your finger

New/old Mona Lisa

Cars Photoshopped backwards

The (secret) City of London Part 2 (5:48)

A short history of Air Force One

Master at work (2:24)
Prince Rupert’s Drop (1:07)

Homemade plastic rocket engine (5:14)

Destiny (5:26)
The LEGO Story (17:09)

Doom Episode 1, Mission 1 Theme Music on Mario Paint Compose (1:56)
Baroque Hoedown for 6 Ruben’s Tubes (3:51)
Top Secret Drum Corps: The Next Level (6:01)

Grabby Tony Stewart (0:26)
Dangers of working at home (0:30)
World’s fastest deer hunter (0:31)


Buried in a Budweiser casket
Best fall seasonal beers
The truth about porter and stout

Van Damme in Mortal Kombat: Bloodsport Edition (8:45)

Pirelli’s Secret Tire Test Facility (10:10)

China – Hell March – the largest army in the world (8:15)

Tech talk: why it’s confusing (2:53)

Hot Rod Hunt (25:01)

Hazard Fraught Tools – Imgur photo album

People are awesome 2012 (5:05)

Revolution Shelby 1000 Limited Edition (3:04)

zMax NHRA 4 Wide Nationals 2012 (2:03)

Hate your job? (1:08)

Heart – Crazy on You (5:37)

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