Frankly speaking

Let’s talk about the Weekly Babes for a moment. You know. The ones in the left sidebar. First off, they ain’t going away anytime soon. Second of all, it’s one of the more popular features of the site, perhaps second only to the Humpday Honeys. I’ve been striving to keep the quality of the images high by only posting crystal clear high pixel count images. I’d like all the babes to fill up your screen when you click. But there are times, especially when it comes to the B&W Babe or the Pinup Babe, that the pixel dimensions don’t stack up to our high standards. I must resolve to use a smaller image when the time comes to post.

Usually, if an image is over 1000 px in one dimension, it’ll qualify. But lately, I’ve been hard pressed to find pinups pics or b&w images that approach that one dimension. I’m thinking that it’s just me. I haven’t hit a good quality source yet. Of course, if you know of one, the comments are always open. The priorities have been set and will not be lowered. I’ll always strive to give you the best images with no watermarks. Unless the photos were taken by me. Then the little USB sixpack logo will go into a spot where it could be cropped out with a little effort.

My garage Mac, the old white plastic MacBook is going on 6 years old. It’s getting slightly slower than what I’d like, but it still does all that’s required of it on a daily basis. From cruising the Internet, to posting on the site, to processing my pics and files, the old garage Mac has been doing its duty since day one. Every two weeks or so, I have to bring it inside and beg my wife to clean the keyboard. It’s due right now and I think that there’s a lost grilled cheese sandwich under the keyboard somewhere. Who knows what other dead insects, fingernail clippings and sawdust are in there.

I have to finish the keezer/freezer-kegerator before it becomes too cold to paint. A couple of coats of primer and a satin white on the 2×6 raw pine collar should do the trick. I hope. When finished, it will house two kegs of homebrew and the CO2 cylinder. I just have to make some room for it out here. I’d have a fight on my hands if I want to bring it in the house.


Cold weather is on the horizon. You know how I feel about that. Time for multiple shirts under the sweatshirt while my sons poke fun at the old guy.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.


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