Frankly speaking

A few changes are on tap. Right away, you’ve noticed the new header graphic at the very top. I used an app called Logoist to design it to the dimensions specified by the theme layout. It took about 20 minutes to get it that way after about a dozen other attempts. I think it works well with what we do here. I like it. A little flat black, some chrome and silver, and a tinge of blue. Some of the others that I worked on are shown below. Take a look and see if you agree or disagree with my choice. I don’t think it could be any better than the black, chrome and blue shown above.

I thought about putting the various designs up for a reader vote but decided against it. It’s my site. Having other people choose would be “design by committee.” I hate committees. Nothing good ever comes from committees.

The header change is entirely cosmetic. Don’t read anything else into this. The site underneath it will be the same ol’ SPT we’ve come to visit and enjoy. The old header has been up since the site went live in ’08. Personally, I think it’s about damn time. I won’t change that graphic again any time soon. It’ll stay up there until I get tired of it.

Another change is in effect as well. Just under the new header, the Faves selection is gone. I never had the time to update that page and it just got stagnant. The Faves, however, are not gone entirely. Once or twice a week, I’ll repost an old Fave mixed in with the regular posts.

The Fave reposts will have a category thereby making them accessible from the categories list in the left sidebar. We’ll repost all the original Faves and mark selected future posts as Faves as they go by. Don’t nobody bitch. I gotchuz covered. One way or another. And it gives me peace of mind.

I try to be mindful of Internet memes and viral videos. Thursday, I finally got around to watching Psy’s Gangnam Style music vid. (And like many others, I’m sure, I thought he said “Condom Style.”) Pfft! Very odd video but, I must admit, a catchy tune. That explained why I was seeing lifeguards and the US Navy and other vids parodying the same thing. The original video has over 238 million views on YouTube and Psy (Park Jae-sang) has been on some women’s shows that my wife watches.

I played a snippet of the vid for my two sons earlier in the week, and wouldn’tcha know it. One of them pulled into the driveway with Gangnam Style blaring on his car system, rattling the windows and vibrating the walls. “Oppa, Gangnam Style!” I’ve created a monster.

I don’t know what “oppa” means in Korean, but the Greeks use the term when igniting their saganaki.

The site sits at an average of just under 1800 visits a day, but daily page views often top 4000 on any given day. Based on SiteMeter traffic data and Google Analytics, I’m still baffled by what I’m seeing. I’m just supremely glad that so very many of you visit each day and occasionally comment.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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