It’s Sunday. The weather may be holding out and so are the leaves on most of the trees. Autumn begins next Saturday and will send a signal to all the trees to dump their leaves at the same time. You have one week to locate your rake and plan a strategy. Flannel shirts and hoodies are starting to come out. But wait. Ya smell that? It smells like… FOOTBALL! Quick… man the couches. Watch the games. Drink some beer. Ridicule the players. Make fun of the announcers. Then check out the places we’ve listed below.

The Big Picture
9/11: US marks 11th anniversary of attacks

History of safety (4:50)
’59 Chevy vs. ’09 Malibu crash test (2:05)
The history of airbags

Google Fiber issues a challenge – video

Mugshot Doppelgänger – a Tumblr site

Should You Bother Obscuring Your License Plates In Photos?

How to get to Mars – Rover edition (6:33)

Quadrotor cam views the Wooward Dream Cruise 2012 – video

Unbreaking water balloons in slo-mo (1:07)

Made by hand cigar shop (5:41)

Regional sandwich guide

Linux (1:53)
What would Penis do? (4:35)
Family Guy Fart-tacular (3:11)

More Manly (2:55)
Russian jumpstyle (0:58)
Fight Dub (1:39)

Chainsaw beer (0:31)
Sportscenter – John Clayton (0:31)
Wicked twisted Chevy Diesel (0:48)


Mysteries of Anchor Steam Beer (2:17)
Wikipedia’s story of Steam Beer
Mobile canning – a story (1:47)
Oktoberfest beer shortage looms in Germany

Hungry birds (1:04)

Krizman freestyle (6:50) – skip to 0:50

The Bofors gun – 155 mm field howitzer (8:13) – Indian Military of Silly Walks

Ten coolest police sirens of the world – videos

Flyboard Family Official (6:05)

Rally – 5-speed on the column (7:21)

Phil Hartman SNL audition (10:41)

Clockwork – K’nex ball machine (5:38)

FPSRussia – the 1216 shotgun (5:25)

Camila and Mariana Davalos fashion show (3:16)

Van Halen – Dance the Night Away (3:34)

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