Frankly speaking

A whole lotta shit happened last week. There was a death in the family right after a most wonderful visit to my sister’s family over Labor Day weekend. So much fun. So much traveling. So much tragedy. So much to think about.

But here it is, Saturday night and life goes on and memories persist. After last week’s events were over, thoughts turned toward oneself and one’s existence. It has always been an idea of mine to post my thoughts about what happens when I die. What happens to the site, what about the payments to the online providers, who will shut everything down, what would the readers think? But not right now.

SPT is on a rising trend again, peaking at about 1800 visits each day. That’s kinda nice for a guy who has a DIY staff of one. At one point during our visit to St. Louis, it was (once again) brought up that we have no SPT tshirts or other for-sale paraphernalia. Time to get my ass in gear and do something.

I have second thoughts about… pfft! Nothing. Most everything about this site is where I want it to be right now. With the possible exception of the header graphics. But that’s in the works. I’ll be incorporating some Red Green videos every so often as well as posts about Products, Nice Pics, and the sadly neglected Weekly Links (time constraint.) I need to figure out just what day which get posted. But still, I like the way things are going.

The summer of 2012 was, for the most part, the summer that never was. There was a long period of spring, interrupted by 6 weeks of intensely hot weather. Global warming? Climate change? Nope. It’s the Chinese beaming their microwaves this way. Many of my intentions of cleaning or riding or building were dashed by 90+° weather. The money still flowed out like water.

I find it hard to mentally prepare for the coming winter. Sweatshirts, thermal-knit undershirts, Carhartts, the muffled sound through the window when the recycle guys empty all the beer bottles into the truck, etc. It’s the one time of year when the hair on my wrists gets worn off from clothing friction. More time on the house Mac, more inane TV show audio in my head and the occasional step on a snow dropping while in socks. And blankets. Lots of ‘em.

I’ll survive the winter like I have all the other winters. I have my family, my health, my Mac, and SPT to get me through the dark days. And we play the lotto every week. We’ll soon join all you winners once we win. And then, look out! Maybe after winter’s over. Yeah.

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