It’s Sunday and the eve of Labor Day. More relaxation and fun awaits. Perhaps you found some time in your revelry to take a short break and visit us here at SPT to see what sort of travel plans are on the itinerary. Take a look for yourself. Won’t you join in?

5 crazy inventions from the mind of Nikola Tesla

Apple v. Samsung – what it means to you

Reality of human flight (4:50)

Fire ants and techno-chaos (5:35)

An inside look at Porsche’s other secret museum (video)

10 ways to keep your car clean even if you’re lazy

9 geeky equations you should know

Washed up photography

Titanic construction pictures

A day in Pompeii (8:00)

What if the Earth was hollow? (3:59)
Star Wars Detours trailer (3:49)
Bat Man of Shanghai (3:39)

4-armed robotic drummer (2:18)
Moog synthesizer (3:17)

Snow wheelie (0:19)
Poking fun at homebrewers (0:32)
Ice cream (0:12)


10 facts about beer that will blow your mind
Souther Tier’s Pumking – start to finish in less than two minutes (3:01 – pfft!)
Tooheys (2003) (0:31)

Bill O’Reilly snaps (2:14)

Jump Man – 5 years – timelapse (3:53)

What it’s like to drive a 700hp Supra (9:08)

Flyboard Zapata (6:10)

How to survive a grizzly attack (1:58)

A better way to learn to ride a bicycle (1:13)

Vietnamese Batpod – needs a little work (2:49)

Kid Snippets: Salesman (1:57)

Haka tribute to fallen comrades (3:14)

2012 Daytona Bike Week (9:20)

Huey Lewis and the News – Workin’ for a Livin’ (4:59)

And for you country boys…

Merle Haggard – Working Man Blues (4:16)

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