It’s Sunday and the glorious weekend continues thanks to the glorious cooler weather. The NFL preseason has started and Labor Day is right down the block. One day soon, without warning, all the leaves from all the trees in your neighborhood will blow into your backyard. Use the snowblower. If it won’t start, try installing airbags on your lawnmower suspension, then make lower and lower passes over the leaves. Then sell the mulch back to the neighbors.

We have the usual amount of diversionary links below. Spend part of your Sunday clicking away at them. Your mouse loves it.

HD Earth views from space (6:28)

Biohackers: a journey into cyborg America (13:32)

An open letter to National Geographic Channel


The science of overpopulation (10:18)

Kamikaze! – WWII (7:24)

How rock concerts work

Bizarre fountains

The world’s first MP3 player

Mugshot babes – Imgur gallery

Rover panorama
Click and win Solitaire
Scale of the Universe 2

Jungle Brawl (4:22)
25 years of Pixar animation (5:25)
There is no pink light (1:04)

Car part drum set (1:32)
Midnight Lights – Stadiums Dubstep (2:03)
Photoplayer (1:54)

F1 car drives through the Lincoln Tunnel (0:33)
Close call (only in Russia) (0:15)
Ken Block’s West virginia cousin (0:46)


Dudes and Brews (9-sec pre-roll ad) (4:44)
Affligem Blonde pouring ritual (2:24)
Custom handmade growlers

How a wine barrel is made (6:07) – think barrel aged beer

People are Awesome 9 (12:48)

The $25,000 IndyCar Steering Wheel (5:26)

Stretching a car into a limousine (5:18)

Electric car races up Pike’s Peak – videos

Ball (1:18) – stopmotion

Best shark attacks in movies (3:34)

Classic Schwarzeneggar – videos

Carl Sagan – The gift of Apollo (4:31)

Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion (4:41)

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3 Responses to Slinks

  1. fretwalker says:

    So, Frank, how many of those custom growlers did you order with the SixPackTech logo? I’ll take one!

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Whoa! Never thought of that.


  3. fcgrabo says:

    Sent mail. Estimates are $65 per growler. A little cost prohibitive.

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