Frankly speaking

The last week without Internet service was one that I will remember for quite some time. It wasn’t Hell Week or Panic City because the Brewed Awakenings coffee shop welcomed me each day with smiles and remembered what coffee I had the previous day. Their Internet wi-fi was just like at home, fast, uninterrupted and clean. It was get on, and get off. I preferred the coffee shop environment over McDonald’s in spite of the coffee. It was the coffee and the people who made it a decent experience during our home outage. However, I could only drink two cups of their Midwest Blend before my taste buds begged for mercy. It was like too much Imperial Stout on a Saturday night. I wasn’t at home, on my Mac, drinking early morning tea (a Pabst blend,) doing my thing. I hopefully got the job done last week and you enjoyed the site postings.

New header images are slowly filtering in and we are on our way for a minor graphical site update. As time permits, I’ll sift them in to the rotation. You won’t notice a thing. Of course you won’t.

I only have a few SPT stickers left. Send me an email and I’ll send you a good portion of what I have left. The new stickers will have a QR code in it. When I get the money to order some.

I have purchased the final pieces to finally turn our old small freezer into a “keezer” or kegerator-freezer, finally. I have everything I need, sealing caulk, wood, stain, fasteners, tap handle and the controller to turn our old small stand-up freezer into a homebrew beer dispenser. The one thought that enters my head, is what do I do with it in the winter. I’ll start making room in the bedroom as time goes on. Then, I will anticipate the wifely explosion. But by then, it would be too late. Heh.

My next homebrew endeavor will be either a tweaking of the Sweet Georgia Brown brown ale recipe or a Belgian dubbel. I’d like to have a homebrew that approaches the 7 percent mark. I love those malty beverages and I’d like to hone in a nice recipe I could call my own. Kinda like Tasty McDole’s Janet’s Brown Ale only without all the hops. As new as I am to homebrewing, I’d like to have a signature beer recipe.

Enough typing.

I’m glad you guys stop by to visit when you can. It makes me wanna do it some more. Like tomorrow.


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