It’s Sunday and the weather is divine. Finally, a decent weekend to live in. Be careful. All that fresh, crisp, cool air may overwhelm your lungbags and give you a feeling of euphoria. Spend some time outside breathing and remembering what it was like when it was really hot outside. Water the lawn. Nevermind. Visit some of the destinations we have listed below.

10 most expensive cars sold at auction

Persistent dinosaur myths

What Space smells like

World’s largest sailing trimaran – Jalopnik slideshow

How different can one man look?

The very first portable computer

1970s fashion ads

Kite ballet (5:45)

How a condom is made (8:39)

TSA – Grope & Pillage – Infographic

How to lose weight in 60 seconds  (1:30 – ironic)
Harrey Podder: Say the Magic Word (1:35)
Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin (3:33)

Soccer Mom rocks the drums (3:59)
Star Trek rocks (3:02)
Beer Money – Kip Moore (3:35) – from Elissa

Classic Russian WTF (0:28)
Walrus vocalizations (0:36)
For the love of beer (0:31)


IKEA beer
Mother Earth Beer – Crafty (14:19)
Red Stripe (0:31)

“Why Cleavage?” – Cartoon Comments on Boobs and Comic Character Costumes

10 great under-30-second car videos – Jalopnik

James May’s Bugatti Veyron Top Speed Test – Top Gear (9:49)

The World in Two Minutes
India (2:07)
Russia (2:10)
Chile (2:09)

Le Miroir (6:20)

A tour of the moon (4:40)

Bill Gates at CES autotuned (2:27)

Steve Jobs – The Crazy Ones (1:01)

Bug-a-salt (2:43)

Cheerleaders on trampoline (2:16)

Tarney/Spencer Band – No Time To Lose (3:55) Embedding disabled.

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