Frankly speaking

Time to ramble while it’s still lucid out. Readership has dropped off a bit but I blame summer. SPT has been here for a few years and here have been ups and downs. No biggie. We’ll most likely be here for a few more years to come. I’d just like to take a little time and explain a few of the nuts and bolts of the site, what we do and why we do it.

SPT has as a backbone, a lot of video content, so to say. A lot of video content. My son compares SPT to The Chive, only with videos. Nice compliment. But I don’t see him wearing an SPT tshirt. Maybe I should have some made.

I don’t include an SPT logo as a watermark on every picture I grab from the Net. The only pics that contain our little USB sixpack are the ones I’ve taken myself. Why spoil 10,000 images with a logo when perhaps a handful of users will visit the site because of it? (Rhet…)

Over a year ago, we went with all iframe embedding, meaning that the videos would play on your mobile devices, no Flash required. That fact in itself bumped up our traffic by about maybe 35%. When embedding YouTube videos, I always check the no cookies privacy box so that your computer’s hard drive doesn’t get filled up with small tracking devices. I now have implemented a way of adding a command to the embed code to not display that little red annotation bubble down at the bottom. But the ads are one thing I can’t do anything about.

Vimeo videos are playing nice with me since Adobe updated Flash. It was so hard to tell if the problem was with my Mac or the site. When embedding vids from Vimeo, I always use iframe and opt out of title, author and other distracting info.

Other nuances that I pay attention to: if a post is all text, such as a joke, I’ll throw in a little picture to grab attention. If I use text from a source site, I’ll cite them in parens at the bottom of the post. Videos from Yahoo! and news sites that always have a non-skippable ad at the beginning are shunned. now has iframe embedding. I just gotta remember to visit there a little more often.

I love choosing the best images for the weekly babes. The pics have to be sharp and clear, no hats or sunglasses or funny marks, tattoos at a minimum and always a picture that someone would like to save as a wallpaper. With few exceptions, the babes exceed 1000 pixels in at least one dimension. Anything less won’t cut it.

Saturdays are my busiest site days. Doing the Brew Review is one of the highlights of my week, but dealing with its after effects while posting the new weekly babes has had some bizarre effects. For instance, last week the poll texts for the Nat or Not babe was all wrong. The texts didn’t match. (Not Natural – Those are really real.) Pfft! I just spotted that today. Embarrassed? Yes, but still amazed that the same number of voters got through. I’ve corrected the old poll for the gallery pic. Now I find the whole episode laughable. My attention to detail was shot in the ass. For a whole week!

A friend of the family is in the process of creating some new graphics for the header images and in my free time, I’m testing out a new app called Logoist as a tool for creating a new top banner. All this stuff progresses like a glacier. Hell, we’re all busy most of the time taking care of our responsibilities.

One day there will be SPT tshirts, beer glasses, keychains, and 3D stickers. Time. I just need more time.

I know…

Thanks for stopping by. I still love doing this shit.

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