It’s Sunday and many of us are still sweltering. Hmm. I wonder if a piece of baloney would fry on the neighbor’s hood. Most of the sane people are in the house where the AC is cranked up (The motor. The temperature is cranked down.) and the computer is nearby. We have a number of destinations planned that will not necessarily keep you cool, but rather take your mind off the heat. And here we go…

The Big Picture
Euro 2012 Soccer Championship
Part one: The fans
Part two: The action

London in the 1870s

The most extravagant bus ever built

Prada goes Steampunk for fall

Geological wonders

Inaccurate stories that ended up in the history books

The people behind Internet memes
Part 1
Part 2

Inside the McLaren Technology Centre (26:06)

Dippin’ Dots (3:26)

Machine in a wine glass (1:59)

Old Machines: The Tim Mullen Collection (4:41)

Frankenweenie (2:32) – Link with info about
8-bitham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2:53)
The oldest light in the universe (4:01)

Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 2 (1:33)

Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 3 (1:01)
Mario theme on glass harp (3:32)
Get Wild! (4:20)

Egg Russian Roulette (0:55)
Garbage bag thrown into volcano (0:49)
2013 Viper GTS-R road test (0:39)


Canadian National Canthem (1:14)
Troeg’s bottling line (1:37)
Svyturys Beer Trilogy (2:23)

Pure Michigan: Jobbie Nooner (1:27) – Thanks, Skip.

World’s fastest SUV? The Bowler EXR-S (10:28)

The Future is Ours (2:15)

The Slingshot Channel: How to weaponize trash (13:54)

Broom Dancer (1:43)

7 minutes of terror: The challenges of getting to Mars (5:07)

Why do YouTube views freeze at 301? (9:48)

FPSRussia: ACR Chopper Gunner (3:53)

The EngineerGuy: The hardest step in making a nuclear bomb (4:39)

Euro 2012 babes

A double dose of Ozzy.
Quite possibly where headbanging started.

Black Sabbath – Iron Man (clapping optional/mandatory) (6:25)

War Pigs

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